Junior AI SDR
for 1/50th
of the price

Deploy an AI SDR to automate your lead collection & sales processes. For 1/50th of the price of a human SDR.

✅ Learns everything about your product

✅ Naturally replies to posts with your keywords on

✅ Intelligent promotion of your product

How it works?

AI Training on Your Company

JrSDR will be automatically custom trained on all of the information found on your website and all the information you provide to it. It will become an expert in your company's niche. Imagine it as a custom LLM built specifically for your product.

Pick Relevant Keywords

JrSDR will track LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit (more coming soon) & automatically reply to posts that contain your keywords. It will incorporate your company's website naturally, since it will be trained on your company's data.

Reply Generation

JrSDR will generate and send relevant & useful replies to posts that contain your keywords.


JrSDR will deliver the replies and continue to scout for more! Get ready for a lot of leads!


When are you launching?
We are set to launch on Q2 of 2024

Will there be more features?
Yes, we will have a lot more features, such as integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.

Will I be able to train my agents more specifically?
Yes, the agents are going to be trained on your company data. You will be able to train them on specific industries, niches, etc.

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